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Weight Management

Nutritional Counseling in Weight Management

Nutritional counseling plays a vital role in weight management, providing patients with the knowledge, guidance, and support to make healthier food choices. Whether the goal is weight loss or maintenance, nutritional counseling offers personalized strategies and practical advice to create a balanced eating plan. Carter Natural Health Center in Hendersonville, TN, can help with weight loss and wellness goals.


How Can We Help?

Chiropractors approach weight management the way they handle back and neck problems. We start by diagnosing your weight problems. Our chiropractor will ask you about your current condition and medical history. The answers will shed light on why you’ve struggled. That’s just one part of the diagnostic process.

Nutritional Response Testing®

At Carter Natural Health Center, we incorporate nutritional response testing. We look at how your reflexes respond to determine nutritional support. Our practice can glean crucial information from your tests because our chiropractor is familiar with the human body. Even symptoms that may seem unremarkable can yield valuable information when presented to our chiropractor.

Personalized Nutritional Plan

After assessing your current condition, medical history, and the results of your nutritional response tests, our chiropractor can devise meal and supplement plans. We can remove specific foods from your diet that elicit adverse reactions, and replace them with healthier alternatives. If your new diet needs to improve regarding certain nutrients, our chiropractor can prescribe supplements to compensate. The bottom line is you’ll eat better with the help of our chiropractor. Losing weight will be easier after you’ve adopted this new diet.

Why Is Nutritional Counseling Essential for Long-Term Wellness?

As you continue to lose weight, you may benefit more from changing your diet. That’s something your chiropractor can help with. During follow-up consultations, our chiropractor can examine how your body has changed and determine if your diet needs re-evaluation. Continuous nutritional counseling is helpful because it can keep the weight off for good. Our chiropractor can help you develop habits that will make your healthy weight easier to sustain.

Nutritional Counseling Is Our Specialty

Nutritional counseling is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our holistic weight management approach, which includes proper nutrition and physical activity, is crucial for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Carter Natural Health Center in Hendersonville, TN, can help facilitate your weight loss. Contact us at (615) 826-8480 or visit our clinic to schedule counseling appointments and achieve your desired weight!

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