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Excessive Weight Gain

Human beings are susceptible to weight fluctuations, and it's expected to gain weight over time. Nonetheless, if someone gains weight abruptly over a short time for no apparent reason, this could be a sign of an underlying problem.

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Many people regard weight gain as being brought about only by consuming food and drinks. However, this is not always the case, since underlying health conditions can also propagate weight gain. It is important to get a diagnosis to determine if you have a health condition. At Carter Natural Health Center in Hendersonville, TN, our chiropractor can determine the cause of your weight gain and provide treatments to help you reach optimal health.

Causes of Excessive Weight Gain

Some factors that can contribute to weight gain include:


Some medications that people take can cause them to gain weight rapidly. Research shows that certain medications can make people gain several pounds of weight a month as an overall side effect. Medication for treating the following ailments can make you gain weight excessively:

  • Diabetes
  • Seizures
  • Depression and psychiatric disorders
  • High blood pressure


Inadequate sleep can also result in excessive weight gain. Variations in sleeping patterns can affect eating cycles and mood, propagating an individual to overeat.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

People suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may find themselves gaining weight rapidly in middle age. Women with PCOS produce higher levels of male hormones. This condition can be managed through a change of lifestyles and consuming a healthy diet.

Kidney Problems

Abrupt weight gain or swelling in the body could be a sign of kidney disease, like kidney failure or nephrotic syndrome, resulting from damaged kidneys. If the kidneys do not function well, the body is forced to retain a lot of fluid, resulting in abrupt, excessive weight gain.


This ailment is characterized by an enlarged abdomen and abrupt weight gain. It's a condition where scar tissues replace healthy ones in the liver, causing a fluid build-up in the abdomen (ascites).

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractic care is an all-natural remedy for aiding weight loss without turning to pills or surgeries. Our chiropractor will ask you questions, perform a physical exam, and work with you to look for any underlying conditions that can cause weight gain. We will create a treatment plan for you that may use several different methods.

Nutrition Response Testing®

Our specialists can determine each patient's nutritional needs through a variety of tests. Certain nutrients can cause reactions in people. It is important to know what your body needs more or less of so you can adjust your diet. Doing this will help with the weight loss process. It will also help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Subluxations around the spine can trigger weight gain. Our chiropractor uses chiropractic adjustments to correct subluxations to enhance communication between the brain and other body systems, facilitating weight loss.

Corrective Exercises

Subluxations impeding exercising can be eliminated through chiropractic adjustments. We also provide exercises to improve your range of motion and help you live a more active lifestyle.

Visit Our Chiropractor in Hendersonville, TN for Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a daunting journey, but we are here to help. At Carter Natural Health Center, our chiropractor will create a customized plan to help with weight loss. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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