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Pain Management

At our wellness center, pain management can often be achieved through nutrition response testing and other holistic approaches. This type of care focuses on addressing the root cause of your pain, rather than simply masking your symptoms with medications or surgery. We at Carter Natural Health Center in Hendersonville, TN, are here to help.


How Nutrition Response Testing® May Be Able to Help

You might wonder what nutrition has to do with pain relief but you may be surprised to learn how much nutrition affects our bodies and how much pain we might experience from certain conditions.

Modern society has a lot of bad food inside of it. From fast food to snack food and even to common grocery items, food in modern society can be major detriment to your health. Companies tend to put unhealthy chemicals and other additives into their food that, while they might make the food taste good, can cause chaos within the body’s various systems. Many times, people might not know that their favorite everyday food is causing, or making worse, various conditions that they may have.

This is part of the reason why we here at Carter Natural Health Center use Nutrition Response Testing®. This method helps us to isolate and identify problematic food in your diet so that we can help replace them with good foods that can benefit your health instead of hurting it.

How Poor Nutrition Can Hurt Your Health and Cause You Pain

There are variety of different conditions that can be made worse by, or outright caused by, poor nutrition. Differences in certain vitamins or other nutritional components can cause or make worse headaches, insomnia, inflammation, a weakened immune system, an increased healing time, and potentially more. By using Nutrition Response Testing®, you may be greatly surprised about how much pain relief we can provide with the help of a chiropractor on our team. With the help of a chiropractor, you can get guidance on how to avoid nasty food and eat good ones. We can even recommend supplements to help you take that next step to wellness.

Visit Us for Help with Chronic Pain Management and Chronic Pain Relief

If you have chronic pain and are looking for pain management in the Hendersonville, TN, area, give us at Carter Natural Health Center a call at (615) 826-8480. We want to work with you to come up with a holistic approach that can help both the symptoms and the causes of your pain with our Nutrition Response Testing® at our wellness center.

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