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Headache & Migraine Relief FAQs


Headaches and migraines can be incredibly debilitating. At Carter Natural Health Center in Hendersonville, we will work with you to find a treatment that will provide lasting relief. Our wellness center has helped many patients struggling with chronic pain. Let’s look at some of the questions that Dr. Carter runs into regarding headaches and migraines.

Are There Holistic Treatments for Migraines and Headaches?

If the treatment options you are currently using for your headaches aren't working, it is time to explore other options. Chiropractic adjustment can treat neck pain and headaches, leading to lasting relief. Many patients have seen a significant improvement in their symptoms after seeking out chiropractic care. Whether you are dealing with a migraine or a tension headache, chiropractic care can give you short-term relief and long-term results.

How Can a Chiropractor Treat Headaches and Migraines?

Chiropractors use holistic care methods, like spinal adjustments, to improve the body's alignment. Not only this can provide relief for migraines, but it can treat other types of pain as well.

What Causes Headaches?

Migraines and headaches have many causes, including poor posture and high levels of stress. Regular chiropractic care can help you improve your posture and manage your stress levels, providing lasting relief.

Can Chiropractic Care Stop Headaches?

If you are suffering from chronic headaches, seeing a chiropractor could lead to a significant reduction in your symptoms. With regular treatment, you will have fewer headaches and will improve your quality of life.

Can Chiropractic Adjustment Reduce Headache Pain?

Targeted adjustments can improve spinal function, which reduces the amount of stress placed on the nervous system. Many people that suffer from headaches have found it to be an effective form of treatment.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Help With Migraines?

In addition to providing specialized treatment, our chiropractor may recommend making lifestyle changes, such as working to reduce stress levels and correct your posture. Making a few key positive changes can help treat migraines and improve your health.

Visit Our Wellness Center in Hendersonville, TN

You don't have to suffer through your headaches. Contact Carter Natural Health Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Carter. We offer a natural and drug-free approach to treating headaches and migraines. Call our team today at (615) 826-8480 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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  • "Dr. Carter is amazing! From customer service to his amazing technique, he makes our experience 10/10 every time! Would recommend."
    Jeremy T.
  • "I got an adjustment from Dr. Carter on Friday and I am amazed at how much better I felt all weekend! I loved how he did the testing to determine exactly what needed to be put back in place. I've seen over a dozen different chiropractors since I was 7. This is the best adjustment I've ever had! I will definitely be back!"
    Shawna W.
  • "This place is amazing! Dr Carter is very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Staff is kind and helpful. I leave my appointment feeling fabulous 😃"
    Sofia G.

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