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What is Nutrition Response Testing?

What is Nutrition Response Testing®?

At Carter Natural Health Center in Hendersonville, TN, we offer Nutrition Response Testing®. Nutrition Response Testing® is a non-invasive way to analyze a person to better understand the underlying causes of poor health. This type of testing includes muscle strength testing to evaluate how your body responds to several factors that may influence your health. During this examination, our chiropractor will test your neurological reflexes. This gives our trained doctor information on the condition of your body.

Why Get Nutrition Response Testing®?

The body’s response during testing is very consistent. This allows doctors to make decisions that will lead to lasting recovery. This is based on the knowledge that the human body can repair itself if it has the correct nutrients to do so. For Nutrition Response Testing® to be fully effective, patients must diligently follow our chiropractor’s plan.

Patients Who Benefit from Nutrition Response Testing®

Patients who have chronic health conditions that have not improved through traditional medical therapies may see better health through Nutritional Response Testing ®. This process is also helpful for individuals experiencing gut issues, allergies, heart problems, autoimmune diseases, and food sensitivities.

The Process of Nutritional Response Testing®

This program has two parts that must be followed for optimal results. The first step is an analysis of your current health status. This is performed by testing your neurological reflexes. Our chiropractor will also test several acupuncture points. The basis of Nutrition Response Testing® is that certain points on the body reflect your health and energy flow throughout the body. Each test is directed to a specific organ or function. This series of tests help our chiropractor understand what your body needs.

The second part of Nutrition Response Testing® is the implementation of a personal plan. Patients are given high-quality nutritional formulas to address their health issues. By closely following this nutritional plan, your health will quickly improve.

Visit Our Hendersonville Chiropractor Today

At our clinic in Hendersonville, TN, you will get the quality care you need through Nutrition Response Testing®. For more information on Nutrition Response Testing® or to schedule an appointment, call us at (615) 826-8480.


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  • "Dr. Carter is amazing! From customer service to his amazing technique, he makes our experience 10/10 every time! Would recommend."
    Jeremy T.
  • "I got an adjustment from Dr. Carter on Friday and I am amazed at how much better I felt all weekend! I loved how he did the testing to determine exactly what needed to be put back in place. I've seen over a dozen different chiropractors since I was 7. This is the best adjustment I've ever had! I will definitely be back!"
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  • "This place is amazing! Dr Carter is very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Staff is kind and helpful. I leave my appointment feeling fabulous 😃"
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